Wooden Counting Beads
Wooden Counting Beads
Wooden Counting Beads
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Wooden Counting Beads

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This beautiful wooden material is for toddlers who are starting to understand quantity. It's one of the first math materials we give to toddlers from around 20 months and can be enjoyed until 4 years old. At first the child explores the material sensorial and absorbs the concept of increasing or decreasing quantity. Eventually they will learn to count the beads out loud and repeat the exercise over and over as they enter the sensitive period for numbers. You can present this material assembled, disassembled, or with the beads in a closed container to the side. Until your little one is ready for this material, you can also use the beads for threading activities from 14 months!

1 base with 5 attached vertical dowels, finished with baby-safe beeswax oil
15 handmade wooden beads, finished with baby-safe beeswax oil

*This material contains small pieces and is NOT recommended for children still in the oral phase of learning*

This material is made to order. Please allow 1 week for me to build it and mail it to you.

20x22x8 cm 

beech wood
natural beeswax oil finish