about Montessori Mother Materials

In 2019 after the opening of Montessori Mother ELC I started building Montessori shelves and materials for my wife's Montessori classroom out of our living room. Eventually I was making so many pieces that I decided to find my own workshop and thus Montessori Mother Materials was born. Today I am honoured to be creating heirloom furniture for children all around the world. I hope that my work will continue to spread the message of joy and independence through its beauty and functionality. 

Every piece is Montessori-approved by Katelynn Johnson, my amazing wife, who is certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) for Montessori 0-3y.

about the craftsman : Chad Chittenden

I grew up in Alaska without any siblings. I spent most of my time playing in the forest where I lived with my mother. The trees were my sanctuary. I dug tunnels under giant roots and climbed high into branches. Being alone in the forest, I found my center. I have done many jobs that have taken me around the world since then, but I have never lost my amazement with forests and mountains and wood. Seeing raw materials and exploring where they grow taught me how to connect with my surroundings. I make the developmental materials and furniture that I do, so that I can give the gift of connection and amazement to the childhoods of future adults. I do this in the hope that whether those children become interplanetary explorers or business people or designers they can still appreciate the value of the natural world around them.

our work "made with love and 100% natural materials"

 ❝Running your fingers across perfectly sanded wood connects a person to the natural world. There’s something special about the way wood forms into a shape when you carve it and join it and sand it. A great satisfaction in creating a feeling, an emotion that someone else can hold in their hands and learn from or even just as simple as giving a child something shaped perfectly for them to sit on without help and find their own independence.
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