Toddler Wardrobe "Montessori Armadio"
Montessori Mother Materials

Toddler Wardrobe "Montessori Armadio"

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The Montessori toddler wardrobe is used at home to
support collaboration during dressing. It is traditionally known in Montessori as an "armadio", the Italian word for "wardrobe".

size: 90x100x25cm
material: spruce

How to use the Montessori toddler wardrobe:
Keeping just a couple of options available at the
child’s level encourages independence by
giving them the choice of what to wear, but also
lets the adult make sure that the options available
are appropriate for the weather that day. For
example, you might put 2 different colours of
sweaters on little hangers when it’s cold outside.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be built and sent to you.

Each product will vary slightly in appearance due to the naturally varying fibers in the wood. We think that this makes each piece uniquely beautiful.