Toddler Bench
Toddler Bench
Toddler Bench
Toddler Bench
Toddler Bench
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Toddler Bench

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This light-weight bench can be used as a seat, a step-stool, a work surface when sitting on the ground, a "waiting bench" or anything else your child decides they need it for! 

At only 1-2 kilos, this beautiful piece can easily be picked up and moved around the home. 

It is very strong, stable, and will withstand the test of time.

Made with love from 100% natural materials

For matching table and chair set, see HERE.

Customise the size:

Regular: 25 x 15 x 17cm

Large (sibling length) : 50 x 20 x 21cm


Customise the base: beech OR oak

Bench legs are all made of beech wood

Finish: organic beeswax hard oil

*You can customise this bench to include adjustable legs - just email me at*