Montessori Newborn Shelf
Montessori Newborn Shelf
Montessori Newborn Shelf
Montessori Mother Materials

Montessori Newborn Shelf

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Wood: spruce 
Size: 30 x 90 x 30cm
Finish: child-safe paint

The shelf is a place to arrange your child‘s developmental materials in a way which is beautiful, to incite use, and child-sized, to encourage independence and responsibility.

The shelf is open so that materials can communicate with each other, allowing the child to experiment with combining materials.

The goal of the Montessori shelf is not to fill children with information but rather, to provide a rich environment and support their natural drive to learn through play.

*Made with love using 100% natural materials!*


1. Add 3-4 materials to each level of the shelf. Place each material in a tray or basket as needed.

2. Model how to use the materials on a carpet or Montessori work table.

3. Rotate toys according to their interest. If they don’t use one of the toys on the shelf, it might be too easy or too challenging and should be altered or rotated out.

4. Model how to use a new material when you first add it to the shelf, then let them use it independently